Ferulic acid and Skin Care

Ferulic acid is an organic compound that is a hydroxycinnamic acid. It’s a common phenolic phytochemical found in plant cell walls, covalently bonded to molecules like arabinoxylans as side chains. Ferulic acid is a precursor in the production of other aromatic compounds since it is a part of lignin.

What is Peptide in General?

The number of amino acids in a peptide is usually between two and nine. Peptides are given various names depending on the number of amino acids in them: a dipeptide is a compound produced by the dehydration and condensation of two amino acid molecules, and there are three comparison analogies.

Niacinamide and the effect of niacinamide on the skin

Niacinamide, has been called Nicotinic acid amide, Nicotinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a vital component of the vitamin family. Authorities in the field of dermatology have unanimously agreed that niacinamide has a brightening impact.

Vitamin E, the Supporting role ingredient in skin care products

Vitamin E, also called Tocopherol, Vit E, ╬▒-tocopherol, Alpha╬▒-tocopherol, has been widely used in skin care products. Today, we are going to find out why so many skin care products include this amazing ingredient, why these big brands prefer to add Vitamin E into their products from the perspective of effect of Vitamin E.

Large pores? More fine lines? -Because you didn’t use retinoids

I believe that those who are just getting started in the ingredient party will have heard of Retinoids, which is the ingredient of retinol, which is also the ingredient and product recommended by various ingredient KOLs. Because it has a definite effect in anti-wrinkle and delicate skin.

Safe Brightening Ingredient – Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as L-Sodium Ascorbate, is widely found in fruits and vegetables. The advantages of Vitamin C are Strong reducer has a very important and extensive role. In particular, it can scavenge active oxygen free radicals and promote the production of antibodies in the body. It plays a very important nutritional health and beauty effect in human body anti-aging and brightening.